William Graydon is a motion picture director, writer, and cinematographer.

For him, the digital film medium embodies subjective realism that manifests moments in time. The best filmmakers capture these moments, transforming them into timeless art. 

Throughout his education, William realized he was much more interested in the human story on a personal level rather than an academic level. Humans, like their stories, are infinitely complex, unpredictable, and contradictory. This became clear to him during an “Approaches to Literature” class. He was inspired, while reading Money by Martin Amis to take an introspective approach to everything. By listening and dissecting what people had to say, he discovered a desire to visually tell human stories. Looking at life 24 frames a second he developed a passion for directing and cinematography.

William was raised in Miami, FL. Because Miami is not Hollywood, he was allowed to explore his expressions without heavy external influence. As a self-taught director he has not only encountered misjudgments and errors, but also triumphs. 

His philosophy of film is best expressed by Cassavetes “the most difficult thing in the world is to reveal yourself…to express what you have to…you must dare to fail, you must have the courage to be bad- to be willing to risk everything to really express it all.” In this venture he has the opportunity to reveal myself, express it all, and willing to fail in order to succeed.